Vytautas Grivickas

Contact info:

doc., dr. Vytautas Grivickas

Institute of Materials Science and Applied Research
Vilnius University
Sauletekio Ave,
2054 Vilnius, Lithuania

Phone:+ 370 2 76 95 03
Fax:+ 370 2 76 73 13
Private Ph: +370 2 34 09 53

Email: vytautas.grivickas@ff.vu.lt

WEB: www.ltmrs.lt/members/v_grivickas

Vytautas Grivickas was born in Kaunas, Lithuania, in 1950.
He received the diploma of Physicist and of Physics Teacher at Vilnius University in 1972
and the Ph.D. degree in Physics (Nonequilibrium photoelectric processes in silicon at high excitation level under charge transport, 1978), also at Vilnius University.
Then he continued working at Vilnius University in research laboratories on various recombination and semiconductor material modification projects, while presently he is a senior researcher at Institute of Material Research and Applied Sciences of Vilnius University.
In eighties and nineties Dr. Grivickas was spending a few extensive periods at Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden and one in Sao Paulo University, Institute of Chemistry and Physics in Sao Carlos, Brazil as a visiting professor.
Dr. Grivickas has authored more than 100 papers and about 60 presentations in conferences.

 Field of scientific studies :
His current research interests are carrier recombination, transport and optical aspects of indirect band gap semiconductor materials (Si, silicon carbide and Si nano structures).

 Some publications :

V. Grivickas and P. Basmaji, 
Optical absorption in porous silicon of high porosity, 
Thin Sol. Films 235 (1993) 234-238.

J. Linnros and V. Grivickas, 
Carrier diffusion measurements in silicon with a Fourier transient grating method, 
Phys. Rev. B 50 (1994) 16943-55.

V. Grivickas, J. Linnros, A. Galeckas and V. Bikbajevas, 
Relevance of the exciton effect on ambipolar transport and Auger recombination in silicon at room temperature, 
Proc. 23d Intern. Conf. on The Physics of Semiconductors, World Scientific, Singapore, Vol. 1 (1996) 91-94.

V. Grivickas, 
An accurate method for determining intrinsic optical absorption in indirect band gap semiconductors, 
Solid State Commun. 108 (1998) 561-566.

V. Grivickas, 
Absorptive Fourier transient grating spectroscopy in indirect semiconductors and quantum structures, 
Materials Science Forum 297-298 (1999) 287-290.

J. Linnros and V. Grivickas
Carrier lifetimes: Free carrier absorption, photoconductivity and photoluminescence
in ”Methods in Materials Research”, Ed. by E.N. Kaufmann, “Current protocols” Inc., J. Wiley & Sons, 2000, pp. 5b.2.1-31

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