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Vladimir Gavriusin
[a.k.a. Gavryushin]

Contact info:

hab.dr. (Dr.Sc) Vladimir Gavryushin
Department of Semiconductor Physics
Vilnius University
Naugarduko 24, 2006
Vilnius, Lithuania

Phone:+ 370 2 33 60 23
Fax:+ 370 2 33 60 22
Private Ph: + 370 2 46 68 07


in memory of my daughter Yelena Melnichenko:

Vladimiras Gavriuđinas (a.k.a. Vladimir Gavryushin or Gavriusin) was born in Kudirkos-Naumiestis, Lithuania, in 1951.
He received the diploma of Physicist at Vilnius University in 1973
and the Ph.D. degree in Physics
(Investigations of impurity and intrinsic effects of nonlinear light absorption and of their competitions in II-VI type semiconductors, 1979), also at Vilnius University.
The Dr.Sc. degree in Semiconductor Physics received after defence of theses
“Crystal Spectroscopy and Material Science based on Nonlinear and Induced Light Absorption methods. Energetic structure. Point defects. Free and localized carriers” in 1990, also at Vilnius University, was awarded by VAK USSR.
Then he continued working at Vilnius University in research laboratories on various recombination and semiconductor material modification projects, while presently he is a head of Student Laboratories of Semiconductor Physics department and senior researcher at Institute of Material Research and Applied Sciences of Vilnius University.
In nineties V.Gavriuđinas was spending a few periods at Columbia University, New-York, USA as a visiting investigator.
Since 1995, he is an active member of the New-York Academy of science.
V. Gavriuđinas has authored more than 90 papers and about 50 presentations in conferences.

 Field of scientific studies :

His current research interests are nonlinear spectroscopy of semiconductors, laser spectroscopy for medical investigations

 Some publications :

R. Baltramiejunas, J. Vaitkus and V. Gavryushin, 
Influence of the Impurities on the spectral distribution of two-photon absorption of single crystals of ZnSe, 
Fiz. Tverd. Tela 18 (1976), 2954 [Soviet Phys.-Solid State 18 (1976),1723]
R. Baltramiejunas,  V. Gavryushin, J. Vaitkus, E. Kuokstis. 
Investigation of the effects of the screening of exciton continuum of CdS by the methods of two-photon spectroscopy. 
Fiz. Tverd. Tela 20 (1978), 768 [Soviet Phys.-Solid State 20 (1978), 768]
R. Baltramiejunas, J. Vaitkus, V. Gavryushin.
Investigation of the processes of nonlinear absorption and their competition in semiconductors of groups A2B6 and A3B6. Proc.USSR Academy of Sciences, Phys.Ser., 1978, v.42, p.2539-2546
R. Baltramiejűnas, V. Gavryushin, V. Kubertavičius and G. Račiukaitis, 
About nonlinear absorption in ZnO single crystals.
Soviet JETP Letters, v. 38, p.3-5 (1983)
R. Baltramiejunas, J. Vaitkus and V. Gavryushin, 
Light absorption by nonequilibrium, two-photon-generated,  free and localized carriers in ZnTe single crystals. 
Soviet Phys.-JETP, V. 60 (1), p.43-48 (1984). [Zh.Eksp.Teor.Fiz. 1984. v.87, B.I.- p.74-83] 
R. Baltramiejunas, R. Baubinas, J. Vaitkus, V. Gavryushin and G. Raciukaitis,
Investigations of the deep levels in single crystals of ZnSe by method of nonlinear absorption spectroscopy. 
Sov. Phys. Solid. State 27 (1985) 371
R.Baltramiejunas, V.Gavryushin, G.Raciukaitis, V.Kubertavicius, and A.Kazlauskas.
Two-photon absorption via deep local levels as virtual intermediate states in semiconductors.

Phys.Stat.Sol(b) 151 (1989) 721-731
R.Baltramiejunas, V.Gavryushin. 
Nonlinear spectroscopy of deep levels in wide-gap II-IV semiconductors.
J.Crystal Growth 101 (1990) 699-704
Sh.M.Efendiev, V.Gavryushinas, G.Raciukaitis, V.E.Bagiev, A.Kazlauskas, G.Puzonas, R.A.Aliev, E.R.Mustafaev. 
Induced absorption spectroscopy by lattice defects in sillenite-type crystals. 
Phys.Stat.Sol.(b) 162 n.1 (1990) 281-288
Sh.M.Efendiev, V.Gavryushin, G.Raciukaitis, V.E.Bagiev, A.Kazlauskas, G.Puzonas, R.A.Aliev, E.R.Mustafaev.
Laser modulation of photochrome effect in with sillenite-type. 
Phys.Stat.Sol.(b) 164 n.2 (1991) 561-568
R.Baltramiejunas, V.Gavryushin, G.Raciukaitis, A.Kazlauskas, V.D.Ryzhikov, E.V.Markov,V.A.Teplitskii, .A.Kamenskii, V.V.Smirnov. 
Effects of deformation of the fundamental edge by defects on two-photon spectroscopy of semiconductors. 
Sov.Phys.Solid State 33 (1991) 537-538. [FTT, 1991, N.33, A.3, N.944-946]
R.Baltramiejunas, V.Gavryushin, and G.Raciukaitis. 
Giant nonlinear losses in GaSe crystals under two-photon resonant conditions. Valence band structure from induced free carrier absorption. 
Sol.St.Comm. 80 (1991) 303-306
R.Baltramiejūnas, V.D.Ryzhikov, V.Gavryushin, e.a. 
Luminescent and nonlinear spectroscopy of recombination centers in isovalent doped ZnSe:Te crystals.
J.Lumin. 52 (1992) 71-81.
R.Baltramiejunas, V.D.Ryzhikov, G.Raciukaitis, V.Gavryushin, D.Juodzbalis, and A.Kazlauskas. 
Centers of radiative and nonradiative recombination in isoelectronically doped ZnSe:Te crystals. 
Physica B, 185, 245-249 (1993)
R.Baltramiejunas, V.Gavryushin, V.Kubertavicius, G.Raciukaitis, 
Nonlinear spectroscopy of DA-centers in CdS crystals. Stepwise exciton localization by isoelectronic defects.
Physica B, 185, 336-341 (1993)
V.Ryzhikov, G.Raciukaitis, R.Baltramiejunas, D.Juodzbalis, V.Gavryushin, A.Kazlauskas. 
Centers of red luminescence quenching in ZnSe:Te crystals. 
Defect and Diffusion Forum V.103/105, 152-157 (1993)
R.Baltramiejunas, V.Gavryushin, V.Kubertavicius, G.Raciukaitis, 
Nonlinear spectroscopy of DA-centers of band-edge luminescence in CdS crystals. Two-step exciton localization by isoelectronic centers. 
Defect and Diffusion Forum V.103/105, 163-168 (1993)
G.Raciukaitis, V.Gavryushin, G.Puzonas. 
Photo-induced absorption in Bi12SiO20:Cr crystals. 
Jap.J.Appl.Phys., v.32, suppl. 3, 639-642, (1993)
V.Gavryushin, G.Raciukaitis, A.Kazlauskas, V.Kubertavicius, D.Juodzbalis, G.Puzonas. 
Nonlinear spectroscopy of deep levels in photo-ferroelectric
SbSI. Jap.J.Appl.Phys., v. 32, suppl. 3 , 642-644 (1993)
V.Gavryushin, G.Raciukaitis, D.Juodzbalis, A.Kazlauskas, V.Kubertavicius. 
Characterization of intrinsic and impurity deep levels in ZnSe and ZnO crystals by nonlinear spectroscopy. 
J.Cryst.Growth, 138 , 924-933 (1994)
V.Gavryushin, A.Kazlauskas, and G.Raciukaitis. 
Defect-induced fundamental edge distortions in two-photon spectroscopy of semiconductors. 
Advanced Materials for Optics and Electronics 3 (1994) 247-251
"The Basics of Semiconductor Optics and Spectroscopy" (in lithuanian)
[rankrađtis: V.Gavriuđinas ”PUSLAIDININKIŘ OPTIKOS IR SPEKTROSKOPIJOS PAGRINDAI” Vilnius 1997, VU ( 300 psl) ] 
Gavryushin V., Kazlauskas A, and Račiukaitis G.
Direct Study of Local Electron-Phonon Interaction in Semiconductors.
Journal of the SID (Society for Information Display), 1998, p.1-5.
V.Gavriuđinas, J.Vaitkus  and A.Vaitkuvienë.
Methodology of medical diagnostics of human tissue by fluorescence.
Lithuanian Journal of Physics, 2000, v.40, No.1-3
Vladimir Gavryushin,
Interaction between internal and external shells of Cr centers in Bi12SiO20 crystals.
Lithuanian Journal of Physics, 2000, 40, No.1-3, p.105-108
V.Gavriušinas, E.Auksorius, D.Fuchs, A.Vaitkuvienė.
The role of neopterin in the fluorescence investigations of biotissue pathology.
Lithuanian Journal of Physics, 2002, v. 42, No.2, p 111-118
Characterisation of Deep Levels Spectra in Semiconductors.
Lithuanian Journal of Physics, 2002, v.42, no.3, p. 219-224
V. Gavryushin and A. Vaitkuvienė.
Modeling studies of alive tissue fluorophores spectra.
Lithuanian Journal of Physics, 2003,  [unpublished]
Vladimir Gavryushin,
Direct characterization of Electron-Phonon Interaction for deep levels in semiconductors.
JETP Letters, 2003, Vol. 78, No. 5, pp. 309–313
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