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Sigitas Tamulevičius

Contact info:

Prof., hab.dr. Sigitas Tamulevičius
Director of Institute of Physical Electronics
Kaunas University of Technology
Savanoriu 271
Kaunas 3009

+370 37 314423
Fax:     +370 37 314423
mobile ph.:  +37068612300
ph (home):  +370 37 795590


Sigitas Tamulevičius was born in Varena, Lithuania, in 1955.
He has graduated Moscow Engineering Institute of Physics on 1979 receiving diploma of engineer - physicist.
In 1984 he has defended Ph.D. Thesis in Physics ("Ion beam activated growth of thin solid films).
Hab. D.Sci. Thesis in Materials Science by Sigitas Tamulevicius (1995) was related to the ion activated processes on the surfaces of solids.
From the 1996 he is a professor of the Physics Department at Kaunas University of Technology, head of the scientific group, chairman of the qualification commission in Materials Science in the Kaunas University of Technology, editor of the Scientific journal "Medziagotyra” (Materials Science)”.
From 2001 he is a director of Institute of Physical Electronics of Kaunas University of Technology
During the last years Sigitas Tamulevicius has spent period doing his research at the Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden), Massachusets Institute of Technology (USA), Poitiers University (France).
He is a recipient of Fulbright scholarship of the Senate of USA (1995), American Physical Society (1994), Lithuanian Science Prize winner (together with colleagues) (2001) .
He has contributed to more than one hundred scientific publications and many scientific conferences.

 Field of scientific studies :
His current research is related to the vacuum science and technologies, thin film deposition, stress and strain analysis in thin films and heterostructures, laser and speckle interferometry.

 Some publications :
S. Tamulevičius, L. Pranevičius and J. Budinavičius, Application of dynamic ion mixing in platinum silicide formation, Applied Surface Science, 53 (1991) 159-164.

S. Tamulevičius, J. Budinavičius and B. G. Svensson, Ion activated interface adsorption of oxygen during silver deposition on silicon, Materials Science and Engineering B B10 (1991) 279-284.

S. Tamulevičius and R. Dargis, Application of plasma spray deposited coatings for seawater activated batteries, Journal of Power Sources, 72 (1998) 9-13.

S. Tamulevičius, I. Poţëla and M. Andrulevičius, A simple model of radiation swelling of silicon, Materials Science and Engineering, Section B: Solid state materials for advanced technology, B40 (1996) 141-146.

S. Tamulevičius, Stress and strain in the vacuum deposited thin films, Vacuum 51 (1998) 127-139.

Last updated: 04.12.2003