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habil. dr., prof.

Saulius Juršėnas

Contact info:

habil. dr. Saulius Juršenas
Institute of Materials Science and Applied Research,
Vilnius University
Sauletekio Ave, 9-III,
10222 Vilnius,

Phone: + 3705 2 36 60 27
Fax:     + 3705 2 36 60 59

Saulius Juršėnas habil. doctor, full professor at the Department of Semiconductor Physics of Vilnius University, head of Luminescence division of the Institute of Materials Science and Applied Research. Local co-ordinator of EU supported Outstanding scientific centre SELITEC.
Born May 6, 1962. Graduated from Vilnius University Faculty of Physics in 1985, defended PhD and the second degree, habilitation in 1991, both from Vilnius University.
He is with Vilnius University from 1984, he trained and worked at Humboldt University (Germany), Sakle Atomic Research Centre (France), Taipei National University (China Republic), Lund University (Sweden), Institute of Physics Poland Academy of Sciences.
He has published 110 articles in refereed journals and proceedings and 140 presentations at international scientific conferences. He represented Republic of Lithuania in Scientia Europaea N3.

He is a member of Lithuanian Materials Research Society, an expert of Lithuanian State Science and Studies Foundation. A member of Council of the Institute of Physics. He is head of a National R&D programme of OLED materials and technology.

He was awarded: the Lithuanian State Fellowship for Young Scientists in 1993 and 1996, Europaea Academia Baltic Prise for Young Scholars in 1996, Lithuanian National Price in Science 2002, Vilnius University Rector‘s award for achievements in applied research in 2004.

 Field of scientific studies :

The main fields of interest are: excitation transformations and relaxation dynamics in highly-excited semiconductors and their nanostructures; spectroscopic characterisation of LEDs and OLEDs materials and structures; applied research on solid state illumination sources.

 Some selected publications :

A. Zukauskas and S. Jursenas,
Relaxation of a hot Electron-Two-Mode-Phonon System in Highly-Excited CdS1-XSeX Crystals,
Physical Review B 51 (1995) 4836-4841.

S. Jursenas, G. Kurilcik, and A. Zukauskas,
Luminescence intensity kinetics due to nonradiative capture by multiphonon emission in highly excited CdS and CdSe crystals,
Physical Review B 54 (1996) 16706-16713.

S. Jursenas, G. Kurilcik, and A. Zukauskas,
Dense electron-hole plasma cooling due to second nonequilibrium-phonon bottleneck in CdS crystallites,
Physical Review B 58 (1998) 12937-12943.

S. Jursenas, A. Gruodis, G. Kodis, M. Chachisvilis, V. Gulbinas, E.A. Silinsh, L.Valkunas,
Free and self trapped charge transfer excitons in crystals of dipolar molecules of N,N dimethylaminobenzylidene 1,3 indandione,
J. Physical Chemistry B 102 (1998) 1086-1094.

S. Jursenas, G. Kurilcik, N. Kurilcik, A. Zukauskas, P. Prystawko, M. Leszczynski, T. Suski, P. Perlin, I. Grzegory, and S. Porowski,
Decay of stimulated emission in highly excited homoepitaxial GaN,
Appl. Phys. Lett. 78 (2001) 3776-3778.

S. Jursenas, V. Kovalevskij, V. Gulbinas, A. Gruodis, G. Kodis, I. Muzikante, T. Gustavsson, J.-C. Mialocq, L. Valkunas,
Excitation dynamics in solutions, films and crystal of Indandione-1,3 Pyridinium Betaine,
Mol. Cryst. Liq. Cryst. 355, (2001) 105-126.

S. Juršėnas, V. Gulbinas, T. Gustavsson, S. Pommeret, J.-C. Mialocq, and L. Valkunas,
Excitation relaxation in films of dipolar N,N Dimethylaminobenzylidene 1,3 indandione (DMABI) molecules,
Chemical Physics 275 (2002) 231-242.

S. Jursenas, S. Miasojedovas, G. Kurilcik, A. Zukauskas, P.R. Hageman,
Luminescence decay in highly excited GaN grown by hydride vapor-phase epitaxy,
Appl. Phys. Lett., 83 (2003) 66-68.

S. Juršėnas, N. Kurilčik, G. Kurilčik, S. Miasojedovas, A. Žukauskas, T. Suski, P. Perlin, M. Leszczynski, P. Prystawko and I. Grzegory,
“Optical gain in homoepitaxial GaN”,
Appl. Phys. Lett., 85, 952-955, (2004).

S. Juršėnas, E. Kuokštis, S. Miasojedovas, G. Kurilčik, A. Žukauskas, C. Q. Chen, J. W. Yang, V. Adivarahan, and M. Asif Khan,
“Increase of free carrier lifetime in nonpolar a-plane GaN grown by epitaxial laterall overgrowh
Appl. Phys. Lett., 85, 771-773, (2004).

E.Gaubas, S.Juršėnas, S.Miasojedovas, J.Vaitkus, and A.Žukauskas,
“Carrier and defect dynamics in photoexcited semi-insulating epitaxial GaN layers”,
J. Appl. Phys., 96, 4326-4333 (2004).

S. Miasojedovas, S. Juršėnas, A. Žukauskas, V. Yu. Ivanov, M. Godlewski, M. Leszcziński, P. Perlin, T. Suski,
“Spontaneous and stimulated emission in quantum structures grown over bulk GaN and sapphire”
J. Cryst. Growth. 281, 183-187 (2005).

S. Juršėnas, S. Miasojedovas, and A. Žukauskas,
“Rate of radiative and nonradiative recombination in bulk GaN grown by various techniques”
J. Cryst. Growth,. 281, 161-167 (2005).

P. Vitta, N. Kurilcik, S. Jursenas, A. Zukauskas, A. Lunev, Y. Bilenko, J. Zhang, X. Hu, J. Deng, T. Katona R. Gaska,
“Deep-UV light-emitting diodes for frequency-domain measurements of fluorescence lifetime in basic biofluorophores”
Appl. Phys. Lett., 86, (2005).

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