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Jūras Banys

Contact info:

doc., hab.dr. Jūras Banys
Department of Radiophysics
Vilnius University
Vilnius, Lithuania

Phone:+ 822 36 60 77

Fax:+ 822



Jūras Banys was born in Vilnius, Lithuania, in 1962.
He received the diploma of Physicist and of Physics Teacher at Vilnius University in 1985,
the Ph.D. degree in Physics at Vilnius University,
and Habilitated Doctor degree in 2000, also at Vilnius University.

Then he continued working at Vilnius University in research laboratory of microwave dielectric spectroscopy of ferroelectrics.
Presently he is a senior researcher in the Department of Radiophysics, Vilnius University.

In the years 1988-1989 he spent 10 months in the Clarendon Laboratory, Oxford University.
In the years 1993-1995 he recieved Alexander von Humboldt scholarship and worked in the Leipzig University, Germany.
Dr.J.Banys has authored more than 70 papers and about 50 presentations at the conferences.

 Field of scientific studies :

His current research interests are dielectric propertis of ferroelectric crystals, dielectric dispersion, glass behaviour.

 Some publications :

V.Samulionis, J.Banys, Yu.Vysochanskii and A.Grabar,
“The cristal behaviour of ultrasonic velocity at a second-order phase transition in Sn2P2S6 single crystals”,
Phys.stat.sol. (b), 215, 1151-1156 (1999).

V.Samulionis, J.Banys and Y.Vysochanskii.
Investigation of acoustoelectric phenomena in Sn2P2S6 single crystals.
Ferroelectrics 224: (1-4) , 517-524 (1999).

J.Banys, V.Samulionis, V.Cajipe.
Dielectric properties in the vicinity of phase transition of new ferroelectric CuInP2S6.
Ferroelectrics 223 (1-4), 43-50 (1999).

S.Kamba, J.Petzelt, J.Banys, R.Mizaras, J.Grigas, J.Pokorny, J.Endal, A.Brilingas, G.Komandin, A.Pronin and M.Kosec.
Dielectric response of antiferroelectric PLZT 2/95/5 ceramics in the range of 10-1014 Hz and 10-530K.
Ferroelectrics 223 (1-4), 247-254 (1999).

J.Banys, C.Klimm, G.Volkel, H.Bauch and A.Klopperpieper,
“Proton-glass behaviour in solid solution of (Betaine phosphate)0.15(Betaine phosphite)0,85”
Phys.Rev.B. 50, 16751-16753 (1994).

H.Bauch, G.Volkel, R.Bottcher, A.Poppl, H.Schafer, J.Banys and A.Klopperpieper,
“ENDOR and pulsed ESR study of proton glass behavior in the mixed crystal (Betaine phosphate)0.15(Betaine phosphite)0,85”
Phys.Rev.B 54, 9162-9173 (1996).

Last updated: 16.11.2004