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Artūras Žukauskas

Contact info:

prof., hab.dr. Artūras Žukauskas
Institute of Materials Science and Applied Research
Vilnius University
Sauletekio Ave. 9, building III, room 706
2040 Vilnius, Lithuania

(+370 5) 2366059
GSM:         (+370) 682 78483



Artūras Žukauskas was born in Vilnius, Lithuania, in 1956. 
At Vilnius University, he received the diploma of Physicist and Physics Teacher (1979).
He received a PhD (candidate) degree in semiconductors and dielectrics (Heating of nonequilibrium carriers and excitons in highly excited group II-VI compound crystals, 1983) and a habilitation doctorate in natural sciences (Kinetics of nonthermalized electron-phonon system in highly excited direct-gap semiconductors, 1991), both from Vilnius University.
Then he continued working at Vilnius University in Luminescence research laboratory on carrier recombination and energy relaxation in semiconductor materials. 

Žukauskas is chief research worker and head of Laboratory of Luminescence at the Institute of Materials Science and Applied Research within Vilnius University, and is also a professor in the Department of Semiconductor Physics at the university.
He is an expert member of the Lithuanian Academy of Science.

Prof. Žukauskas has authored one book, about 100 papers and about 90 presentations in conferences.

In 2000-2001, he was a visiting scientist at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) in Troy, N.Y. (USA).

 Field of scientific studies :
Currently, his research group is engaged in fundamental investigations of carrier relaxation and recombination in highly photoexcited direct-gap semiconductors, optical characterization of materials for optoelectronics (mostly AlInGaN systems), and applications of solid-state lamps.

 Some recent publications :
A. Žukauskas,
“Second nonequilibrium-phonon bottleneck for carrier cooling in highly excited polar semiconductors,”
Phys. Rev. B
57 (24), 15337-15344 (1998).

S. Juršėnas, G. Kurilčik, and A. Žukauskas,
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G. Tamulaitis, A. Žukauskas, J. W. Yang, M. A. Khan, M. S. Shur, and R. Gaska,
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A. Žukauskas, R. Vaicekauskas, F. Ivanauskas, R. Gaska, and M. S. Shur,
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A. Žukauskas, M.S. Shur, and R. Gaska,
Introduction to Solid-State Lighting

(Wiley, New York, 2002), 220 p. (ISBN 0471215740).

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